Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity For Lawyers

Any company or individual providing services should consider the need for Professional Indemnity Insurance.


Professional Indemnity For Lawyers

Professional Indemnity is compulsory nowadays for Lawyers. We can provide a variety, including the Basic cover or Coverage with Extensions.

Professional Indemnity - Generally

Professional indemnity insurance covers the cost of compensating clients for loss or damage resulting from negligent services or advice provided by a business or an individual. Professional indemnity insurance protects you against claims for loss or damage made by clients or third parties as a result of the impact of negligent services you provided or negligent advice you offered.

Compensation claims can be brought against you even if you provided a service or offered advice for free.

The policy offers cover for: Arbitration, Allegations of breach of duty, negligence and / or wrongful acts, breach of confidentiality, court attendance costs, damages, defense courts, loss of documents, third party loss through employee fraud.

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