Pink Slip

Temporary Residence Permit (“Pink Slip”)
Non-EU citizens who come to Cyprus for long-term purposes should obtain special temporary permits, commonly referred to as a “Pink Slip”. This type of permit can be issued for a period of 1 to 4 years (with a limitation of absence period not more than 4 months). A “Pink Slip” could be issued for a period of 1-2 years upon first application and will be easily extended for a further 1-2 year period thereafter.

Documents required for Pink Slip application (where applicable):

  • Copy of sale agreement or rental agreement or title deed;
  • Copy of employment contract duly signed and stamped;
  • Proof of funds deposited in a personal bank account;
  • Passport(s) copy (plus copy of first page and last entry stamp);
  • Pension certificates + translation and any other source of income such as interest, rental income, other investments. The applicant must provide evidence of steady and regular income, adequate for the maintenance of the applicant and his/her family, from external sources;
  • Bank guarantee (as required);
  • Marriage certificate + translation with apostil (Russians exempted);
  • Birth certificate for children + translation with apostil (Russians exempted);
  • 4 photos for first issue (1 photo for renewal);
  • Medical Insurance which is automatically renewable

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