Marine Insurance

One of the most important aspects of corporate - cargo insurance.


Marine Insurance

This type of insurance is designed for the owners of goods and cargo, an organization acting on behalf of the owner, and to compensate for losses resulting from the transportation of goods, transportation and overhead costs associated with transportation, as well as the expected income from the sale. Under this type of insurance, there are 3 main types of coverage: Marine cargo affords the insured a great diversity of cover. We offer to our client numerous forms of covers which are highly diverse in character and capable of covering the risk to which the goods are exposed during transit.

  • Comprehensive Cover

According to this policy will be compensated all the losses, which caused any incidents during transporting/staging, in addition to standard exceptions listed in the Rules of insurance of cargoes.

In particular, for this kind of coverage will be covered the following losses: malicious acts of 3rd parties, theft, robbery, wetting the load, crash, collapse, accident, fire, natural disasters, etc.

All the main cargo is usually insured under this clause.

  • Private Accidents Liability

This policy covers against named perils only. According to this policy will be reimbursed the losses from damage or total loss of all or part of the goods arising as a result of natural disaster, forces the collapse or collision of conveyances between themselves, the loss of the ship or aircraft missing. It is also reimbursed for losses caused by the loss or damage that occurred during loading, packing or unloading cargo.

  • Covers against named perils and relates to total loss of goods.

This policy covers against these dangers and refers to the total loss of the goods. No liability for damage, except the cases of crash.

According to this policy shall be reimbursed losses in the event of a complete loss of all or part of the goods had occurred under the influence of natural elemental forces, loss of a vessel or aircraft missing, accidents during loading, unloading of cargo, as well as damage to the goods, if it is caused by the collapse or collision of the vessel, fire, explosion, etc.

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